The philosopher Susanne K. Langer wrote, “The notion of giving something a name is the vastest generative idea that ever was conceived.”...

I'm not a Catholic and not a child and decidedly not a little boy. Yet this story, covered in depth by Ruth Graham of the New York Times earlier this month, haunts me.

I often think that every disadvantaged — hell, call it what it is: oppressed – group must endure certain ritualistic phases imposed by its oppressors.

Recently, I was having a conversation with a woman—a new acquaintance, highly intelligent, a theatre actor, and a feminist—who said she was finding herself furious at young people these days.

Here's a story that is of quite stunning importance to our country. As the United States adjusts to an increasingly nonreligious population, thousands of churches are closing every year.

I sometimes love to redefine stuff--concepts, ideas, certainly stereotypes--stuff that we were certain we had already settled and were positive about.

Women's rights are human rights and human rights are women's rights, once and for all. --Hillary Rodham Clinton, 1995 UN Conference on Women, Beijing, China. Please settle in, because this may take awhile. I write it with a heavy heart.

This week, on my podcast "Women's Media Center Live with Robin Morgan," I pay tribute to a remarkable man: former President Jimmy Carter. Our conversation (listen here), originally taped in 2014, is unique for a number of reasons.