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Ukrainian artists — performing artists and creative artists alike – have been coming to the aid of their country, donating time, concerts, etc., and doing so unapologetically for being artists and not in uniform. I find this quite moving, and it got me thinking about women and art.

The important thing to remember is that by the time these words land in your brain, everything will have changed. Things are moving so fast that I won't keep repeating the phrase “as of now,” but please just factor it in. To start, if you're wondering what you can do to help an embattled Ukraine, let me right at the top here add to the list of organizations you may already have compiled. Here are two more, but important ones. The Kyiv Independent was envisioned and launched by former staffers of the Kyiv Post, a well-respected Ukrainian newspaper whose owner shuttered its doors and fired the entire team only three months ago, in a move considered to be retaliation for editorial independence. Now, relying almost solely on support from readership and donors, The Kyiv Independent faces continued financial challenges as its journalists work to provide the world...

Suffering is not a competition. The pandemic bestows trauma and tragedy on everyone. Yet it's also true that catastrophic events expose societal fault lines. In the USA, the 2020 plague is crushing some far more cruelly than others. The poor. People of color. Old people. Disabled people. Female people.