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What they once called Krystalnacht has just struck again, this time in Pennsylvania. What they call "domestic terrorism"—but is actually "white male Christian supremacy terrorism" has struck again, in mailed pipe bombs. But I refuse to forget what has dropped from the gorged news cycle. The Caravan.

I know I've been raving on about words even more than usual lately, but that's because to abuse language is to abuse thought itself, and we are drowning in abuses of thinking. Rethinking refreshes the mind.

The Me Too movement is about women daring to speak painful truths that we’ve been forced to bury from fear and shame, truths about what’s been done to us, about the secrets of our lives. But is it possible that women suffer even more from being compelled to keep the secrets of men's lives?

You might as well settle back. This may take me a while. Because, oh my god, this has already taken too long a while. Too many tipping points. I think it was around 1974 that Ms. magazine ran the first cover story on sexual harassment, which was already an issue in the women's movement. Almost 20 years later in 1990, Anita Hill's courageous truth-telling before Congress galvanized American women–yet Clarence Thomas, the perpetrator of criminal sexual harassment against her, still sits on the United States Supreme Court. In the mid-1990s, feminists were divided over whether Bill Clinton's semen stains on Monica Lewinsky's dress were "consensual": yes, she had told friends that she planned to go to the White House carrying kneepads in hopes of just such an encounter; and yes, many of his policies were good for women; and yes, there was a vast right-wing conspiracy out to get him...

The genuine article. I've been thinking again (always a dangerous pastime) about what passes for real in our current fun-house mirror of a country that's not so much fun.

So, serious stuff is happening. Like yet another Senate attempt to delay but later slither through a health bill that would literally kill thousands of Americans. Like Antarctica's ice-shelf calving an iceberg almost as large as Delaware. Like the United Nations closing down its cholera-vaccination campaign in Yemen because the rampant spread of the disease there, combined with growing famine—both of which are side-effects of the devastation of war—would obliterate vaccination efforts. Not that anyone really gives a damn about Yemen, where a proxy regional power struggle, 1400-years-old, is being waged between (Shiite) Iran and (Sunni) Saudi Arabia, currently proxies in turn for (pro-Iran) Russia and the (pro-Saudi Arabia) U.S. Except now that Russia might be TrumPutinizing the U.S., well, Yemen's dispensable, like road kill. Can you imagine just how bad things must be for the U.N. to announce it's triaging an agonized little failed state—the poorest in...

Donald Trump's cesspool of lies, financial crimes, and likely treasonous acts against the United States are finally being investigated, so now he's whining that he's the victim of a "witch hunt." Well, I know a bit about witch hunts.