A Woman’s Creed

The “Vision Statement” of the Global Women’s Movement.

Robin Morgan - Books - Nonfiction - A Woman's Creed (1994) - FPO

The Sisterhood Is Global Institute, 1994

“The woman who wrote this Creed knows what is in my heart.”
—SBONGA, Director of Women’s Crisis Bureau, Soweto, South Africa, commenting on the South African Women’s Movement’s poster of A WOMAN’S CREED

A Woman’s Creed was personally requested by the late Bella Abzug, former Congresswoman, at the Women’s Global Strategies Meeting in November 1994, sponsored by WEDO, The Women’s Environmental and Development Organization and attended by 148 women from 50 countries, written as the “vision statement” for the organization.

Morgan consulted with numerous women, including the late Perdita Huston (US), Paola Melchiori (Italy), and Sima Wali (Afghanistan), before retiring to write A Woman’s Creed in her hotel room, overnight.

It was immediately taken up and soon translated, debuting at the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, China, in 1995, where it appeared as a pamphlet containing the Creed in Arabic, Chinese, (original) English, French, Persian/Farsi, Russian, Sanskrit, and Spanish. This is that pamphlet.